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National Park Authority



Hadrian’s Wall and Sycamore Gap. Photo by David Taylor.

Looking after and protecting the special history, wildlife, habitats and landscapes of Northumberland National Park, while promoting learning and enjoyment of them, is the task of Northumberland National Park Authority.

Its members and staff, whether they are managers, planners, specialists in such fields as archaeology or ecology, ICT officers, accountants or rangers, have a duty of care to preserve the Park’s special qualities and encourage you to come and see them.

Where the visitor section of our website functions to enlighten people to the delights that can be found within the Park, and gives them scope to enjoy them at their leisure, this section tells you about the vital work that goes on behind the scenes.

Here, we tell you how we run the authority like a business – a firm whose principal asset is the spectacular beauty, historical significance and rich assortment of flora and fauna within this Park – for the benefit of the local economy and regional tourism.

We also give you details of the vital work we do to conserve and protect this wonderful natural asset that has been shaped by both man and the elements over millions of years.

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Planning in the National Park

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park. View our planning pages here.