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DUP Housesteads RC

Housesteads Roman Fort. Photo by Roger Clegg.

Northumberland National Park offers rich experiences, both in terms of formal and informal learning.

Our landscapes are blessed with a wealth of important ancient historic ruins, including Hadrian’s Wall, diverse species of flora and fauna, including red squirrels and blanket bogs, and great geographical features like The Whin Sill.

Archaeology GirlIt’s vital for school pupils, college students and university undergraduates to get practical experiences of history, geography, ecology, farming and tourism – to enhance their learning opportunities.

After all, you cannot learn everything from a book. The Park allows both teacher and student the opportunity to take learning out of the classroom, get hands on with a variety of subjects and gain a better understanding.

But we also have experienced engagement staff, and a large number of teaching resources, allowing you to bring the Park to the classroom.

And remember, you don’t have to be studying to enjoy the Park. Give your family or yourself better insight into this fascinating place by attending our dedicated events, including National Parks Week, or by following our geocaching trails.

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Planning in the National Park

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park. View our planning pages here.