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Planning in the National Park


Planning Background

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park, with specific responsibility for Development Management within the Park. Other related matters such as Building Control and Environmental Health are the responsibility of Northumberland County Council, within whose boundaries the National Park is located.

The National Park Authority has a responsibility to control the use of land and buildings in order to balance the needs and aspirations of individuals with those of the wider community, and to meet the Northumberland National Park Purposes. We prepare plans and policies to help us achieve this balance, to deliver the aspirations of the Northumberland National Park Management Plan and to provide the guidance by which planning applications are decided and by which development is shaped. The plans and policies are designed to help bring forward sustainable rural development.

The Government sets out the legislative framework of the planning system. It issues guidance to Local Planning Authorities through national and regional planning guidance. Further information on the planning system and development plans can be obtained from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Recent applications received and determined

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