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Development within the Park



Validation Scheme

Northumberland National Park Authority’s planning application validation (local information requirements) checklist is published to help applicants and agents understand what information needs to be submitted with a planning application in order for the application to be valid.

The validation checklist has been reviewed in detail by the Development Management team and updated to reflect changes to national planning policy in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and planning practice guidance. It has been redesigned with some significant revisions to the layout and text to improve its clarity, with the aim of being more customer friendly.

Planning Fees

From 22nd November 2012, the fees payable to Local Planning Authorities when submitting planning applications increased. Any applications submitted after this date must be accompanied by the new fee in order to be made valid.

Planning fees are set by central government and Local Planning Authorities such as Northumberland National Park Authority have no discretion to vary the amounts or the rules under which fees are applied. Details of the current scale of fees are given in the NNPA Planning Fees schedule.

Recent applications received and determined

Planning Background

From 6th April 2010, legislative changes came into effect which reduce the requirements for some types of planning applications to be accompanied by Design and Access Statements. More details can be found in the Department for Communities and Local Government’s document Guidance on information requirements and validation (PDF)

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory planning authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park with specific responsibility for development management within the National Park area. Other related matters such as Building Control and Environmental Health are the responsibility of Northumberland County Council, within whose boundaries the National Park is located.

The National Park Authority has a responsibility to control the use of land and buildings in order to balance the needs and aspirations of individuals with those of the wider community, and to meet the Northumberland National Park Purposes. We prepare plans and policies to help us achieve this balance, to deliver the aspirations of the Northumberland National Park Management Plan and to provide the guidance by which planning applications are decided and by which development is shaped. The plans and policies are designed to help bring forward sustainable rural development.

The Government sets out the legislative framework of the planning system. It issues guidance to local planning authorities through national and regional planning guidance. Further information on the planning system and development plans can be obtained from the Department for Communities and Local Government

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The Arts

Be our Textile Fellows

Northumberland National Park Authority (NNPA) is offering two 2-month fellowships for textile artists during 2015. A budget of £4,000 is offered for each fellowship, to cover work where the artist is expected to spend 28 days minimum working within the National Park.

Youth Opportunities

Get valuable experience

Northumberland National Park Ranger Team provides short-term placements for individuals, aged 16 to 25, with an interest in pursuing a career in the environmental/countryside sector.


The Sill

The Sill is an exciting £14.2m initiative of international importance that will create a Landscape Discovery Centre and new YHA Youth Hostel near to Hadrian’s Wall.


Hexham Enterprise Hub

Businesses can now benefit from the facilities of Northumberland National Park Authority at our dedicated Hexham Enterprise Hub, which offers high-speed Wi-fi broadband, meeting rooms and office space.