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Beautiful landscapes and habitats


Bellcrag flow, a blanket bog, in Wark Forest. Photo by David Taylor.

Bellcrag flow, a blanket bog near Greenlee Lough. Photo by David Taylor.

Barrowburn in Northumberland National Park.

A hay meadow near Barrowburn. Photo by Shaun Hackett.

Northumberland National Park is a feast for the senses.

Hear birdsong and tumbling burns in our ancient woodlands.

Smell the sun-bleached flowers of our rare hay meadows.

Explore our heather moorlands, rich in huge horizons and wildlife.

Or see the cotton grass waving on our important bogs.

Help us identify rare fungi, living in the National Park, by visiting our Waxcaps page.

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Planning in the National Park

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park. View our planning pages here.