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Impressive sights in the Park


The Drake Stone in Northumberland National Park by Brian Rogers.

The impressive Drake Stone. Photo by Brian Rogers.

With stories involving everything from murderers to fairies, we have our fair share of legendary landmarks here in Northumberland National Park.

Drake Stone

A walk from Harbottle. Visit for: A huge stone boulder alleged to have special healing powers. It was originally called the Dragon stone or Draak’s stone and was reputed to have been used by druids. The massive sandstone boulder was placed here by a glacier during the last Ice Age.

Sycamore Gap

A short walk from Housesteads Roman Fort. Visit for: An iconic spot, where Hadrian’s Wall dips down to a sycamore tree. This is now known as The Robin Hood tree after being featured in the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. For more, click here.

Walltown Peace Labyrinth

A short walk from Walltown Visitor Centre car park. Visit for: A chance to walk through thousand willow plants in twenty different colours. It was designed by artists Glynis Rose and Ruth Gownland. planted in 2011. With only one path in and out there is no chance of your getting lost! For more, click here.

Winter’s Gibbet

Near Elsdon. Visit for: A grisly way to remember a murderer with a 3D hangman drawing. In 1792 William Winter and his sisters robbed and murdered Margaret Crozier in her home at Raw Pele Tower, just north of Elsdon. All three were caught and executed. William’s body was put inside a gibbet cage as a warning to what happened to criminals. This replica was erected in 1867 with just a stone head hanging from it.

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Planning in the National Park

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park. View our planning pages here.