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Development Management FAQs

Do I need Planning Permission?

Many physical alterations to a building and changes of use will need planning permissions and building regulations approval.  Depending upon the type of works proposed and the location of the development, other consents may also be required.  Please contact the relevant authority who will be pleased to advise you further.

On-line guidance for householders is available on the Government's Planning Portal website via the Interactive Guide for Householders.  Extensive guidance on other types of applications is also available on the Planning Portal.

Will I also need approval under the Building Regulations?

Many forms of development require approval under the Building Regulations : Building Control in the National Park is carried out by Northumberland County Council.  It is a good idea to talk to the Building Control Authority about your proposals before making a planning application to ensure that your proposals will meet both requirements.

What advice is available from the local planning authority?

The National Park Authority has prepared planning policy and building design guidance to guide development and to provide the basis for making decisions on planning applications.  You can get more detailed advice from the planning officers to assist you in making an application, or when viewing applications.

If I need permission, how long will it take?

Most applications take up to 8 weeks to process.  Where an application raises complex issues, it might take longer.  The minimum time to deal with an application is 5-6 weeks because of publicity requirements and the need to consult with other agencies.

How do I know what is happening with my application?

When an application is submitted, it is first checked to see that it meets the legal requirements.  If  it does, it will be registered and an acknowledgement sent out.  If the application cannot be registered, a letter will be sent that sets out what additional matters need to be addressed.  Each application has a case officer appointed to it and that person is the main contact point.  If any issues arise during the processing of the application, either the applicant or agent will be contacted.  An application will be determined in accordance with the delegation scheme and by reference to the Local Development Framework, the National Planning Policy Framework and other material considerations.  Once an application is decided, a formal decision notice will be sent out.

How do I make an application?

The way in which planning and other applications are made is governed by legislation.  Details of how to submit a planning application are available here.

How do I view and comment on an application?

All planning and other applications are public documents and can be viewed online or at the National Park Authority offices in Hexham.  Please contact the planning officers before visiting the offices to ensure that the plans are available.  You can comment in respect of any application within the consultation period.  The case officer can advise on the period in which comments can be made on an application.

What is the appeal process?

An applicant can appeal against a planning decision if they disagree with the decision.  An appeal is made to the Planning Inspectorate, a government body whose role is to process planning and enforcement appeals and to hold inquiries into local development plans.

Do I need Listed Building Consent to alter my property?

Many buildings in the National Park have been 'Listed' by English Heritage because of their special architectural or historic interest.  To check if your property is Listed, click here.

If you are considering any alterations to your Listed Building, you should speak first with a planning officer for advice, as alterations to a Listed Building may require Listed Building Consent.  Listed Building Consent can be required when planning permission or approval under the Building Regulations is not required.

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