Pretty village below Kielder Water dam

This pretty village nestles below the dam of Kielder Water on a loop of the River North Tyne. It is a great base from which to take in Northumberland National Park and the Scottish borders beyond.

It has community gardens and a picnic area, children’s play area behind the village hall, toilets, car parking, a Post Office, a pub, accommodation and a riverside trail.


The Stell

Created by Sunderland-based artist Colin Wilbourn in collaboration with Falstone Village. The artist worked with members of the community to develop the idea for the sculpture and ran workshops enabling villagers to produce drawings that became the images on the intricate ‘throws’ that hang over the backs and armrests of the seats.

This architectural installation located near the village of Falstone and deep within the very heart of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park. What appears to be a sheep pen is actually a place to sit and gaze at the starry skies above.