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A great starting point for Hadrian's Wall

Stargazing at Cawfields in Northumberland National Park.

Stargazers can get wonderful views of the night skies at Cawfields.

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Cawfields car park is a wonderful place to view the dark skies over the Northumberland National Park. The site is a designated Dark Sky Discovery Site perfect for stargazing.


Visit for: A great starting point to walk to Milecastle 42 and a fine stretch of Hadrian’s Wall.

The second legion built this to protect the weak spot of Hole Gap. It hangs on to the edge of the sheer crags.

You can also see the bedrock of the Whin Sill in Cawfields itself, as it used to be a quarry. For more, click here.

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What’s On Offer

Car parking – charge of £4 per vehicle, per day, but tickets are transferable between Northumberland National Park car parks along the route of Hadrian’s Wall. Toilets. Picnic area.

Cawfields - view from Milecastle 42 on Hadrian's Wall towards car park and picnic area (2) (small)

The view from Milecastle 42 on Hadrian’s Wall to Cawfields.

Getting There

Car: From the A1, take the A69 to Park Lane near Haltwhistle. Follow Park Lane to the B6316, where Cawfields is opposite The Milecastle Inn.

  • This disused quarry site is well used by local diving clubs and is ideally situated for walkers setting of to capture that Hadrian's Wall experience.
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Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park. View our planning pages here.

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