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Splashes of purple heather on rocky outcrops

Simonside Hills

Simonside Hills Show full screen Simonside Hills

Distinctive ridge gives fantastic views

Dove Crag in the Simonside Hills of Northumberland National Park by Simon Fraser.

Dove Crag in the Simonside Hills. Photo by Simon Fraser.

Ancient cairns mark the summit of the ridge. Below, in the forest, there is a Bronze Age cemetery and swords from this era, unmarked by fighting, have been found on the lower slopes of Simonside. Below the ridge lies Lordenshaws hillfort. The beacon of Simonside was used to warn of a Scots invasion during Tudor times.


This distinctive ridge, with its craggy profile, stands guard above Rothbury.

A walk along the Simonside Hills must not be missed. From the top, you have a 360 degree view encompassing the Cheviot Hills and North Sea coastline.

As a Special Area of Conservation, it teems with wildlife such as the curlew, red grouse, wild goats, and even red squirrels in the forest below.

What’s on offer

Walks, birdwatching, wildlife, historical sites.

Dove Crag in the Simonside Hills of Northumberland National Park by David Taylor.

Heather adorns the rock in the Simonside Hills. Photo by David Taylor.

Getting There

Car: Take A1 and A697 to B6344 in Northumberland. Take the exit toward Pauperhaugh from A697.

  • Legend has it that a race of dwarves known as Brownmen, Bogles and Duergar live in the Simonside Hills.
  • They lead travellers astray into bogs at night, but disappear at dawn.
Point of Interest

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Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Planning Authority for the area of the Northumberland National Park. View our planning pages here.

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