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Non Migratory Trout Season

The two main non-migratory trout in Northumberland are brown trout (found in rivers, lakes and reservoirs) and rainbow trout (found only in lakes and reservoirs).

The season for brown trout fishing is from 22 March to 30 September in England and 15 March to 6 October in Scotland but local byelaws there often impose a restricted season from 1 April to 30 September.

Again, fishing on Sundays is not permitted on Scottish rivers (the Tweed and Till). Brown trout are much smaller than sea trout.

For some, though, the sport of catching trout in rivers is much more challenging than salmon. Typically, the average weight of a brown trout is 1lb, but exceptionally weights can reach up to 4lbs.

Typically, the average brown trout will weigh 1/3lb but top weights can reach up to 4lbs. Trout may also be fished in still waters.

Still Water Trout

Brown trout are usually wild, rainbow and brook trout are stocked. An Environment Agency Rod Licence is also required for all lakes.

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