Northumberland National Park

As the Government continues to ease lockdown restrictions, we are looking at how we can gradually reopen our visitor facilities.

We will be offering a take-away service at Walltown Visitor Centre from the 19th June and at The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre from the 26th June. Opening times will be from 9am to 4.00pm, Friday to Sunday.

As we begin the process of reopening our facilities, we continue to ask members of the public to respect that the National Park is a living, working landscape and continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines when visiting.

We would like to thank our communities, staff, volunteers, and visitors for continuing to be understanding and vigilant during this time.

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The Sill

Northumberland National Park’s brand new visitor attraction will excite and inspire people of all ages to explore the landscape, history, culture and heritage of Northumberland.

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Northumberland National Park Foundation

The Northumberland National Park Foundation is a registered charity that aims to safeguard the future of the North East’s most unspoilt and iconic landscapes.

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Paget Lazzari, Head Ranger

Paget Lazzari

Head National Park Ranger

You can feel a connection with the past in parts of the landscape which seem timeless. It’s an incredible place with a dramatic ruggedness and solitude, and that is what people who live in the hectic modern world need.