Northumberland National Park

We are home to England’s cleanest rivers, clearest air and darkest skies.

Delve into our Roman past by visiting Hadrian’s Wall or soak up the stunning scenery and solitude of the Cheviot Hills.

Relax in picturesque valleys, visit spectacular waterfalls and woodland or walk through stunning moorland and beautiful hay meadows.

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The Sill

Northumberland National Park’s brand new visitor attraction will excite and inspire people of all ages to explore the landscape, history, culture and heritage of Northumberland.

The Sill

Walking Routes

Using our Walking Routes are some of the best ways to uncover our wide skies, dramatic views and glorious history.

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Paget Lazzari, Head Ranger

Paget Lazzari

Head National Park Ranger

You can feel a connection with the past in parts of the landscape which seem timeless. It’s an incredible place with a dramatic ruggedness and solitude, and that is what people who live in the hectic modern world need.