Management Plan

Every National Park has a National Park Management Plan. It’s the most important document for the National Park, setting out how the National Park and our partners will work together to achieve shared objectives for the future management of the National Park.

The Management Plan will look 5-10 years ahead and will establish shared objectives and priorities and influence not only the work of Northumberland National Park Authority, but also a host of partners that the Authority works alongside.

Northumberland National Park Authority has a duty to prepare a National Park Management Plan as the framework for the delivery of the National Park’s statutory purposes and duty. The Management Plan is the single most important document for the National Park, setting out our guiding principles, vision, objectives and actions for managing the National Park.

Northumberland National Park Authority is starting work on a new Management Plan that will set out a clear vision and direction of travel for the Park and its partners for the next 20-25 years, with objectives for what we’d like to achieve from 2022-27. Our members have agreed five themes which will form the basis of our thinking, namely:

  • A park for everyone
  • Communities and rural economy
  • Natural capital and making space for nature
  • Cultural capital
  • Climate change

The Authority is reviewing what should go into the new plan and are keen to involve a wide-range of people. Working groups will be established and an active consultation process will take place at various stages until Spring 2022.

If you would like further information, or you would like to share your thoughts, ideas or feedback, please get in touch with Marion Schooler via email at [email protected]

Previous Management Plans

Following a review of the Management Plan which included a wide consultation and engagement process over the autumn of 2015, the Authority adopted the latest version of the Management Plan on the 16th March 2016. You can view the adopted Management Plan 2016-2021 “Distinctive Places, Open Spaces” below as well as the associated Management Plan Review Public Consultation Feedback Report.

How is the Management Plan delivered?

The Management Plan Partnership is committed to the delivery of the Management Plan and prepares Annual Action Plans which provide detailed actions to deliver each outcome. Each action identifies who will lead on its delivery and when it is anticipated that the action will be completed.

Progress of delivery of the actions identified within each Annual Action Plan is monitored every 6 months, with updates added here.  A progress report will be published annually and will be reflected in the State of the National Park Report.

It should be noted however that the 2015 State of the National Park Report refers to progress measured against the objectives and targets contained within the previous Management Plan 2009-2014. The next version of the State of the National Park Report will include an assessment of the progress against the targets in the new Management Plan 2016-2021.