A Distinctive Place - Outcome 2.3

Outcome 2.3 – The rich historic environment and archaeological heritage will be understood, valued and cared for.

Target – To protect and enhance the historic environment and archaeological sites within the National Park and develop further understanding of its cultural heritage.

Performance – Good

Trend – Static

Impact – The number of Scheduled Monuments at Risk remains in decline thanks to our Heritage at Risk (HAR) volunteers who continuously monitor their condition and support early intervention or restoration. Delivery of Revitalising Redesdale (RR) and the Traditional Farm Buildings Pilot have had a significant impact on to improvement of the condition and understanding of our heritage assets during this period. Equipment and funding, made available through the Farming in Protected Landscapes programme, are supporting landowners with maintaining monuments on their land.

Key Points

  • The number of scheduled monuments at High Risk has fallen from 53 to 33 in the past 5 years, or 8% of the total of 426 monuments.
  • Through the ‘Traditional Farm Buildings’ pilot project 21 traditional farm buildings are being restored across the National Park.
  • The Revitalising Redesdale landscape partnership scheme has supported the restoration and conservation of Otterburn Battlefield and Bremenium Roman Fort. This project has become more focussed on engagement for the final year with a view to maintaining a community led legacy.
  • Further understanding of the Rede Valley has been enabled through Lidar survey and community Archaeology Groups. More than 1,000 additional historic records have been added in 2019 thanks to this community led project.