A Valued Asset - Outcome 5.2

Outcome 5.2: The National Park makes a distinctive contribution to a broader network of protected areas.

Target – To ensure the National Park has a role in leading on protected area management which relates to its natural and cultural assets.

Performance – Good

Trend – Static

Impact – NNP continues to play a leading role across a wide network of natural and cultural management organisations. The increase in landscape scale project thinking is encouraging, particularly in relation to the government’s ambition to increase 30% of land protected for biodiversity by 2030.

Key Points

  • NNP is an active member and contributor to National Parks England and its various policy and working groups. NNPA contributes to responses on the Glover review, England Tree Action Plan, England Peat Action Plan and other key national initiatives.
  • NNPA represents the National Parks in the North of England on ‘Nature North’ a strategic alliance of public and third sector bodies enabling a strategic approach to nature recovery in the North of England.
  • The National Park continues to contribute to England’s largest LNP, the Northern Upland Chain. In addition, work towards a holistic environmental land management system has been explored through ‘Test and Trials’ and improvements are now being sought through the FIPL scheme.
  • More locally we are working with a number of protected species partnerships, the Cheviot Peat Project, RSPB project and Revitalising Redesdale to make a positive contribution to protected areas.
  • Future partnerships and plans are underway to ensure NNP contributes to wider regional improvements to our Natural Capital. These include the creation of a Hadrian’s Wall Recovering Nature Partnership, Northumberland Peat Partnership, contributions to the Great North Bog, supporting tree planting through the Northumberland Woodland Creation Partnership and supporting the Northumberland Rural Investment Plan.