A Valued Asset - Outcome 5.3

Outcome 5.3: The value of the National Park is clearly demonstrated by the policies and actions of all who have an influence on the National Park.

Target – To ensure national, regional, and local plans, policies and programmes demonstrate a commitment to delivering National Park purposes.

Performance – Good

Trend – Improving

Impact – NNPA is taking an increasingly active role in shaping the future of protected area management at a local, regional and national level. The Authority actively and ambitiously seeks to shape future policy to ensure it adheres to National Park purposes.

Key Points

  • Working through Natural England, NNPA aims to influence government policy and other statutory bodies to contribute to the objectives of the National Park, these include the Home Office, Forestry Commission, Public Health England, the 25-Year Environment Plan, the Agriculture Act and the Environment Act.
  • The Authority has actively engaged in consultations and development work for:
    • The England Tree Action Plan
    • The England Peat Action Plan
    • Northumberland Woodland Creation Partnership
    • The Northumberland Peat Partnership
    • Northumberland Rural investment Plan
    • The Great North Bog
    • The Local Nature Recovery Strategy
    • The Borderlands Growth Deal
    • The Northumberland County Council Climate Change Action Plan
    • The Destination Management Plan for Northumberland 2022 – 2032
    • Policy Lead for the National Parks’ Historic Environment
    • National Park Recovery Strategy (linked to the impact of CV-19).