A Welcoming Park - Outcome 1.3

Outcome 1.3: A more diverse range of learning opportunities will be available to help people understand, value and contribute to conserving, enhancing and enjoying the National Park’s distinctive natural and cultural qualities.

Target – To use the resources of the National Park to provide increased access to learning and educational opportunities for young people.

Performance – Acceptable (COVID Impacted)

Trend – Improving

Impact – Site improvements continue across the National Park and from a range of our partners. In 2021 we had renewed interest in our education and events offers at both The Sill and our activity centre at Walltown. This year we hosted our first STEM festival and Tarmac were a key supporting partner in this. Our Partners, including universities, also make extensive use of the National Park as an educational resource and regularly require volunteers to help deliver these objectives. This includes our projects such as the Cheviot Peat Project, Revitalising Redesdale and Generation Green.

Our temporary exhibition programme has been busy during the year, hosting:

  • The Lost Words, remaining in residence until June,
  • Stories in Stone, in partnership with Newcastle University,
  • Graft and Glory, in partnership with the Mining Institute,
  • Future Landscapes, with art supplied by Newcastle University,
  • Inspired by our Land, a rolling celebration of local artists, and the
  • Dark Skies Exhibition, curated internally.

Unfortunately, with impacts of lockdown extending into July 2021, we have not yet been able to return to pre-pandemic levels of volunteering and learning opportunities.


Key Points

  • Education and engagement re-started in 2021 and saw an increase in bookings as the year progressed.
  • Existing volunteering provision and improvements will be continued through ongoing and project work, including:
    • Guided Walks,
    • Revitalising Redesdale,
    • NLHF Culture Recovery Fund opportunities,
    • Generation Green Project lead by the YHA,
    • Historic environment volunteering.
  • Volunteer days decreased around 50% from 4,065 in 2019/20 to 2,153 in 2020/21. The number increased slightly during 2021/22 to 2,497.
  • There were 6,884 engagement days in 2021/22.