Thriving Communities - Outcome 4.2

Outcome 4.2: Effective infrastructure supports active communities with a high quality of life and improved health and well-being.

Target – To ensure a balanced range of housing that meets local needs and the retention of rural services; to enable an integrated transport network which offers an attractive alternative to the car; to increase the use of renewable energy by communities in the National Park by 20% by 2021 whilst continuing to work on increasing energy efficiency; and to increase levels of public health and well-being.

Performance – Acceptable

Trend – Static

Impact – Improving infrastructure remains a challenge in NNP. Investment in physical infrastructure continues and the updated Local Plan aims to help address the provision of housing to meet local need and an additional 9 houses have been approved over 2020 and 2021. Improvements to rural broadband in some areas are improving the capabilities for home working in NNP but public transport use continues to decline, and this has been exacerbated following the pandemic. Storm Arwen has shown how vulnerable important aspects of the infrastructure of the park are.

Key Points

  • Uptake of public transport on the AD122 has improved since 2015, on a ‘per operating day’ basis. Due to the pandemic the service did not run during 2020 and we await the passenger report for the 2021 season.
  • Public transport use continues to decline and this has led to further budget cuts with providers.
  • Renewables have been installed in 14% of buildings in NNP post codes and broadband uptake continues to improve.
  • 10% of properties in NNP are still off-grid and rely on separate power generation.