Northumberland National Park Authority is required by its standing orders to seek tenders before entering into contracts for purchases of more than £25,000. Tenders may also be used in other cases as determined by the National Park Authority.

When invitations to tender, invitations to quote, or lists of potential suppliers are being advertised, details will be given on this page.


Current long-term contracts between Northumberland National Park Authority and the relevant service providers.

Contracts marked with * contain 2 x 12 month options to extend. If the options are taken the re-tender date will change accordingly.

Type of contractCurrent providerLength of contractDate to re-tender
InsuranceNFU3 years 01/12/2024
Planning legal servicesWard Hadaway 3 years31/05/2025
General legal servicesWard Hadaway 3 years31/05/2025
Property legal servicesWard Hadaway 3 years31/05/2025
Legal assistance to the monitoring officerWard Hadaway 3 years31/05/2025
Property general servicesNewcastle City Council3 yearsPending re-tender
Internal auditNewcastle City Council3 years31/03/2025
Historic buildings and conservation area adviceNorthumberland County Council5 years31/03/2023
Cleaning services (head office)Lees Premier Cleaning5 years05/02/2023
Cleaning Services (The Sill and Hadrian's Wall sites)Condliffe Cleaning3 years*01/07/2024
Human resources adviceDurham County Council3 years31/07/2025
Facilities Management Services, Mechanical and Electrical (The Sill)Integral UK Ltd3 years*01/02/2023
Telephony ServicesYB Communications Ltd t/a Northern Telecom3 years*30/09/2024
Mobile PhoneDaisy Corporate Services3 years*30/09/2024

One off Contracts 2021/22

Current one off contracts 2021/22 between Northumberland National Park Authority and the relevant service providers.

Type of ContractCurrent ProviderLength of contractDate to re-tender
Design and Build outdoor learning and play experienceKompan Scotland Ltd6 monthsNot applicable
Interpretation & Design Services (Revitalising Redesdale Project)Creative Core Group2 yearsNot applicable
Site Enhancement Scheme (Revitalising Redesdale Project)Groundworks North East and Cumbria9 monthsNot applicable
Server Hardware refreshTrustack Ltd5 monthsNot applicable
Land Function and Ecological Opportunity MappingThe Environment Partnership Ltd.6 monhthsNot applicable