Joint Local Access Forum

The Northumberland National Park and County Joint Local Access Forum (JLAF) is an independent body with an interest in public rights of way and access to the countryside in our area. Northumberland National Park Authority works in partnership with Northumberland County Council in the running of the forum

Local Access Forums are advisory bodies. Section 94 of the CROW Act defines their statutory function as being to advise as to the improvement of public access to land in the area, for the purposes of open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area, and as to such other matters as may be prescribed.

Following the procedure identified in Section 94, Regulation 13 of the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, Northumberland established a Joint Local Access Forum (JLAF). Northumberland National Park Authority provides administration for the Joint Local Access Forum.

Please click here to download our Joint Local Access Forum leaflet for further information about us.

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How can I view JLAF Agendas and Minutes?

The last two years JLAF agendas and minutes can be viewed below. A full archive of agendas and minutes can be found by clicking here.

Please note that any confidential matters are not included on our website.

2024 Agendas and Minutes

JLAF Agenda 23 January 2024 – PDF File

JLAF Minutes 23 January 2024 – PDF File

JLAF Agenda 16 April 2024 – PDF File

2023 Agendas and Minutes

JLAF Minutes 26 January 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Agenda 20 April 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Minutes 20 April 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Agenda 20 July 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Minutes 20 July 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Agenda 16 Oct 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Minutes 16 October 2023 – PDF File


When are JLAF Meeting?

Tuesday 16th April 2024, venue to be confirmed

Tuesday 23rd July 2024, venue to be confirmed

What areas of work does the JLAF focus on?

The JLAF has a remit of advising on strategic access and recreational issues generally, their work includes being consulted on:

  • Draft maps of open country and registered common land prepared by Natural England
  • Preparation of bylaws made by the access authorities that affect access land
  • Appointment of access wardens
  • Directions proposed by, for example, the National Park Authority, Northumberland County Council, Defra, Natural England, Forestry Commission in relation to long term closure of access land
  • Public rights of way improvement plans prepared by the appointing authorities.
  • Others issues as they arise such as access and the health agenda, access and public transport.

What advice does the JLAF provide?

The JLAF covers Northumberland County and that part of the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within Northumberland, and gives advice on three main areas:

  • Improving the Rights of Way network
  • Developing strategies for recreation and access which cater for a wide range of people
  • Implementing the statutory right of access to the countryside.

Who are the JLAF Members?

Current JLAF Members are:

  • Alex MacLennan – Chair
  • Moray Allan – Vice Chair
  • Ian Glendinning – Vice Chair
  • Liz Bray
  • Vic Brown
  • Adrian Clarke
  • Philip Cotton
  • Marie Fallon
  • Anna Gudaniec
  • Helen Hindson
  • Diane Holmes
  • Ted Liddle
  • Cllr Nick Morphet
  • Sarah Radcliffe
  • Sue Rogers
  • Violet Rook
  • Jefferey Wild
  • Rob Aubrook (observer member)

Member Representation includes:

  • Northumberland County Council (Neil Dawson)
  • Forestry England (Alex MacLennan)
  • Northumberland National Park Authority (Lorna Lazzari)
  • Agriculture Bill, FIPL and ELMS (Jen Shaw)
  • North Pennines AONB Access and Recreation Group and Pennine National Trails Northern Working Group (Ted Liddle)
  • Northumberland Coast AONB Partnership (Vic Brown)
  • Local Nature Partnership (Ted Liddle)

Who is the JLAF Chair?

Alex MacLennan from Forestry England is the current JLAF Chair.

Who is the JLAF Administrator?

Jayne Longlands from Northumberland National Park Authority is the JLAF Administrator. She can be contacted as below:


Telephone: (01434) 611550

Northumberland National Park Authority
South Park
NE46 1BS

How do I join the JLAF?

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the JLAF Administrator for further information.

Telephone: 01434 605555


Can I attend JLAF Meetings?

In short, the answer is ‘Yes’.

Meetings are open to the general public, although some issues may need to discussed privately and you would need to leave the meeting at the relevant point.

Meeting places are limited, so if you plan to attend then please book in advance by contacting the JLAF Administrator (as above).

Can members of the public speak at meetings?


Members of the public are free to ask questions or raise areas for future discussion at the beginning of every meeting, at the discretion of the Chairman.

Any questions should be forwarded to the JLAF Administrator 7 days in advance of the meeting.  Issues can then be explored, and a response given at the meeting.


Where can I view the JLAF Annual Report?

To view the latest JLAF Annual Report please click on the document below:

Northumberland JLAF Annual Report 2023 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2020 to 2022 – PDF File

You can view our previous annual reports by clicking the links below.

JLAF Annual Report 2016-17 – DOC File

JLAF Annual Report 2015-16 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2014-15 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2013-14 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2012-13 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2011-12 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2010-11 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2009-10 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2008-09 – PDF File

JLAF Annual Report 2007-08 – PDF File

What other Key JLAF Documents are there?

The Joint Local Access Forum Activity Plan and JLAF Communication Plan are active documents which are available below:

Joint Local Access Forum Activity Plan 2018-2019 – PDF File

Joint Local Access Forum Communication plan with Activity Planner 2019 – PDF File

You can find the Joint Local Access Forum Terms of Reference here – PDF File

What are JLAF’s Position Statements?

What is the Decadal Review?

The Forum is keen to hear from anyone who would like to help them in identifying anomalies with the conclusive map of open country and registered common land within Northumberland. While, given the size of the task, we feel that the Conclusive Map produced by the Countryside Agency was a reasonable first attempt, we feel that errors and anomalies do exist.

Please use the form below; the accompanying letter explains more about the Decadal Review. Please note there is a blank page after the letter.

Download the Decadal Review Form here – PDF File

Contact the Joint Local Access Forum

You can contact the Joint Local Access Forum using our email address below:

How have JLAF engaged with members of the public?

In Summer 2023, we attended Northumberland County Show, Alwinton Show and Bellingham Show, where we were keen to hear your views on access. You can read our over view documents below:

Northumberland County Show 2023 Report – .DOC File

Alwinton Show 2023 Report – .DOC File

Bellingham Show 2023 Report – .DOC File

Previous Show Reports

Northumberland County Show 2022 Report – PDF File

Bellingham Show 2022 Report – PDF File