Looking after landscape, heritage and culture

Northumberland National Park Authority looks after the landscape, heritage, and culture of the protected area, helping to keep it a special place for people to live in and enjoy.

We can do this by making sure that local communities and businesses can access grants, support, and advice. We also provide advice on other sources of funding that you can use in whole or match with a grant from us.

We can help you by:

  • Looking for funding
  • Finding relevant and up-to-date local statistics to support your funding application
  • Linking your ideas to local strategies and emerging priorities
  • Reviewing, advising and supporting project management.

How can we help?

By implementing a successful approach to funding, local people can be empowered to run trial rural development projects, deliver services in targeted areas, address new agendas, and engage in partnership activities, which would otherwise be restricted by a lack of core funds.

Enquiring About Support

Please send any questions to [email protected]