Raku Clay Workshop

Event date:
20th October 2019
The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre

Muddy Fingers Pottery are bringing their popular Raku workshops to the Sill this Autumn! If you've never experienced the magic of Raku before, then prepare to be amazed!

Using various bespoke Muddy Fingers glazes and different glaze resist techniques, you will paint up your pots ready to be fired outdoors in the Raku kiln. The pots get fired until the glaze melts at around 950 degrees Celsius. They are taken out of the kiln at that top temperature and placed into a tightly covered sawdust bin for the post-reduction magic to happen.

Cooled Raku pottery vase showing off its iridescent colours

Lots of copper, silver and bronze colours will develop at this stage. Once cooled down a little, they are taken out of the bin and placed into a bucket of water for final cooling and ready to clean down. The pots are then dried and ready to take home within the space of about an hour. There will be multiple firings during this workshop.

The workshop runs from 9am until 1pm.


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Additional Information

All participants must wear sensible clothes and shoes. Jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt with covered shoes (no open toes or sandals).

Participants will be given the chance to take pots from the kiln and you may get a little dirty and your clothes may smell a bit smokey when you are done so wear old comfortable clothes.