Wild Kimchi

Event date:
19th April 2020
The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre

This event is currently postponed. We will be contacting ticket holders directly.

Lacto-fermented wild garlic is one of those must-have wild food preserves. It is easy to make, delicious, incredibly good for you and so versatile in the kitchen.

Lacto fermentation is a traditional method used to preserve foods. Today it is probably most well known in the form of the Korean superfood Kimchi. Rich in beneficial cultures they help support gut health and general wellbeing and most importantly taste delicious.

Join Northern Wilds for this introductory session to the art of Lacto Fermentation that will give you hands-on experience in this method of preserving fresh food. You’ll learn some gourmet culinary tips on how to use in your kitchen and you will make your own jar of fermented wild garlic to take home.

We are holding three ninety-minute workshops at 10am, 1pm and 3pm. Please book the correct ticket below.

Not suitable for children.

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Northern Wilds

Northern Wilds was founded by Linus Morton MSc and Louise Hepworth MA. Linus and Louise have lived together for years in ‘The Good Life’ style; supplying their own fuel for heating and cooking, making biodiesel for their vehicles, producing their own vegetables, raising pigs and chickens, and gathering a host of provisions from the ‘wild’.

Both Linus and Louise are passionate about environmental issues and sustainable living. Both are committed to putting their philosophies into practise and have been developing a range of knowledge and skills relating to these issues in their everyday lives.

Together they have explored the natural landscape and the produce it has to offer. Gathering wild foods and mushrooms is a passion they share, along with the cultural and culinary possibilities of this lifestyle: both are creative and accomplished cooks, often exploring traditional recipes from different cultures.

Linus is particularly interested in wild game and mushrooms. He makes wonderful game pies with his Moroccan inspired pigeon & rabbit pastilla, a signature dish. Louise specialises in wild food preservation techniques and enjoys creating new recipes from wild produce; her garlic leaf and nettle pesto has been described as addictive!

Find out more – https://www.northernwilds.co.uk/