Get up close to Critters and Crawlies during National Insect Week

Northumberland National Park is home to lots of insect species from moths and butterflies to humble bumblebees and beetles and lots, lots more!

During National Insect Week 2023 (19-25 June) visitors to Northumberland National Park can explore a variety of activities to learn about and appreciate insects. These include going on guided insect walks with our expert Rangers, taking part in bug-related crafts and activities and identifying different species of insects.

Visitors can also join in bug-hunting challenges and learn how to create insect-attracting habitats. There may even be opportunities to take part in citizen science projects and share your findings with the local community.

As we all mark the 10th edition of National Insect Week, it’s truly a special occasion for Northumberland National Park. With its lush natural habitats, huge diversity of flora and fauna and varied environments, Northumberland is an ideal habitat for many of the world’s most fascinating and important insects.

For example, the Park is home to Peacock and Red Admiral butterflies, the Pot-Bellied Emerald beetle, Cucumber spider, the Empid fly and the Six Spot Burnet moth to name a few….

It’s easy to take insects for granted because they are everywhere in our lives. Yet exploring the insect world can be easy, rewarding and educating, especially for children.

Many biologists and insect scientists just started off as curious young girls and boys who went outside to see what was there.

As one of 15 National Parks in the UK, Northumberland is home to a huge variety of invertebrates, but the insect population is particularly valuable to the Park, providing essential food for birds, bats and other species, insects are key to the Park’s ecology and function.

What better way to sharpen our appreciation of these essential critters and crawlies than to celebrate National Insect Week?

Here in Northumberland National Park, events across the week are always an exciting affair, allowing visitors and locals alike to become more familiar with the Park’s small but vital residents.

So why not take the opportunity to join insect walks and outdoor activities to learn more about – and appreciate – Northumberland’s insect inhabitants.

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