Howl to the Moon!

For those with Werewolf tendencies, tomorrow (Friday, 10th January) is the first Full Moon of the year. This Full Moon is called the ‘Wolf Moon’ after European and Native American cultures noted it coinciding with wolves howling this time of year in the dead of night. In some cultures, it was also known as Old Moon, Ice Moon and the Snow Moon.

At the same time, we also have a partial lunar eclipse, known as a penumbral lunar eclipse. During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the moon passes through the edges of the Earth’s shadow, in which a portion of the sun’s light is obscured. Most viewers will see a slight dimming of the lunar surface staring at around 5pm, peaking at around 7pm and concluding around 9pm.

If you want a clear view, uninterrupted from any light pollution from of our towns and cities, then you need to head into Northumberland National Park for the darkest skies. In the south, along Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, Brocolitia and Steel Rigg Car Parks will offer outstanding views of the southern night sky, and further north, the Simonside Hills and the Cheviot Valleys will offer you superb views if the clouds stay away. Enjoy and take care not to disturb the residents with all your hollering!