Immerse yourself

Immerse yourself in Northumberland National Park from the comfort of your own home. 

With our 360-degree experience for iOS (either iPhone or iPad), you can take a hillfort tour or a break from it all amongst our beautiful hay meadows. Discover the plants and animals that make Northumberland their home and explore the ancient settlements of ancestors. The choice is yours.

A view from inside of the Stell gallery in The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre

You can choose from:

Greenlee Lough – Visit a beautiful lough and nature reserve in sight of Hadrian’s Wall.
Haymeadows – Immerse yourself in our beautiful hay meadows
Lordenshaws – Be transported to the hillfort and see ancient rock carvings our ancestors left behind.
Coquetdale Hillfort – Soar our Harehaugh hillfort in stunning Coquetdale
Brough Law Hillfort – Explore an Iron Age settlement in the Breamish Valley
Thirlwall Castle – Important families protected themselves against attack by building strong, defensible homes like Thirlwall Castle.
Harehsaw Linn – Visit a spectacular waterfall set in ancient woodland.
Hadrian’s Wall – Take a tour along a Roman landmark of Britain


Download the Wonda VR application on the:

On the opening application screen click, ‘Launch Experience via QR Code.’

Using the camera on your device scan the QR code below.Qr Code This will allow you download to your device You can choose to view either with the device a window on our landscapes or by using a Google Cardboard viewer.

A view of Hareshaw Linn Waterfall

On loading the experience you will find yourself in our Digital Landscape exhibition. As you turn around you will be presented by eight different cards, taping each will take you to different part of the National.

Inside each of the areas you will see pink video icons; taping these will take you to another location. Taping blue ‘i’ icons will provide tidbits of history and facts about the areas.

A view of Harehaugh Hillfort

If you see our Curlew logo hovering above you, taping that will let you soar over the landscape.

To navigate back, you simply need to look to the floor to select our logo.

The experience was creating in Summer 2018 as part of our award-winning Digital Landscapes exhibition.