May half-term in Northumberland National Park

Northumberland National Park has lots of exciting activities to keep children entertained and adults feeling refreshed and inspired this half-term. With the weather forecast looking good, it’s the perfect time to visit Northumberland National Park and start exploring the landscape and connecting with nature.

Spending time outdoors isn’t just enjoyable – it’s also necessary. Research has shown that when children play outside they feel happier, pay more attention and feel less anxious than when they spend more time indoors.

Being outdoors also gets children moving. Regardless of what they’re doing, there’s usually more exercise involved than if they were sitting on the sofa at home.

Let’s delve into what’s on in Northumberland National Park this May half-term, where nature-inspired fun and discovery awaits!

Wands and Whispers - £5 per child

Inspired by The Lost Spells: Listening to a Landscape of Voices exhibition, you will create your very own nature wand.

A photograph of the book The Lost Spells in a woodland setting.

Ranger Tess will start with a spell reading then head out on an outdoor adventure to discover the nature all around The Sill. When you’ve collected all you need to make your wand we’ll get busy creating and then conjure up some special spells to whisper!

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Make your own Clay Badger - £8 per child

Join the Clay Team at The Sill for a children’s pottery workshop based on the beautiful badger.

A selection of art materials and a block of clay on a table.

Celebrate the emergence of this year’s young badgers from their sets with this creative session. Expert staff will be on hand to help you make your own 3D badger from air dry clay. Take your creation home to decorate when it is finished drying – all participants will be provided with paint and a paint brush as part of the session.

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Walltown Wild Sounds Safari (for 13 years +) - £25 per person

As nature begins to unfurl in spring, tell-tale sounds of a changing season also return. Join Wild Intrigue on a guided acoustic safari to hone in and enjoy the wild sounds of Northumberland National Park at Walltown, from individual birdsong to a breeze through the trees. This live, guided acoustic safari will follow the sounds of nature with the use of single parabolic dish and wireless headphones.

A bird singing while sitting in a tree.

By combining technology with the sounds of nature, each attendee can enjoy a shared group experience of nature connection. Parabolic dishes bring wild sounds 10 times closer to your ears, and cancel out background noise for an immersive, clear acoustic experience.

Combining silent disco tech with the acoustic symphonies of nature, this memorable experience is an excellent opportunity to learn more and connect with the natural world around you.

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Walltown Frogs and Flapjacks – £10 per child

Join Wild Intrigue to spy on life below the surface of Walltown Quarry Country Park’s ponds in Northumberland National Park.

A mass of frogspawn underwater in a pond.

On this guided ‘aquatic safari’ you will discover the Walltown ponds, and the fascinating creatures that swim, hide, hunt and morph under cover of these underrated habitats. But leave those swimsuits at home! You will have the use of nets and trays to carefully explore the small (but mighty) creatures that lurk beneath. From busy amphibians to feisty dragonfly nymphs, and even the LOUDEST animal on earth! Who knows what intriguing life you will discover beneath the surface.

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Walltown Nature Rangers - £8 for under 18 year olds

Young wild things (and their grown ups!) are invited to embark on journey of nature discovery with Wild Intrigue! Discover the birds and beasts, and everything in between, that roam Northumberland National Park’s Walltown Quarry Country Park.

A small rabbit sitting on lush green grass.

Throughout the adventure, you will learn secret, seasonal tips on how to spy on wildlife, and find out how YOU can help protect it. A Wild Intrigue certificate will be awarded to young Nature Rangers at the end!

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National Park Holiday Club - £35 per child

Our Forest School supports children to connect with nature, manage their own risks, lead their own adventures and exploration of the outdoors and build relationships with a small community of friends and experienced practitioners.

Two small boys taking part in Forest School in the countryside

Activities will include, fire lighting, foraging, using tools, cooking on campfires, wildlife discovery and so much more…

We’ll provide a fire-cooked lunch for all our children. Forest School lunches include foods like stews and breads, pizzas, vegetable pancakes, roasted vegetables/potatoes and sometimes cake! All vegetarian and vegan/gluten free on request.

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Sycamore Gap in Hadrian's Wall Country, Northumberland, England
Monochrome Sycamore Gap in Hadrian's Wall Country, Northumberland, England

Adventure and experience

Escape the confines of everyday life, embark on an adventure and experience new ways to connect with nature in Northumberland National Park. With its captivating landscapes, diverse wildlife and hopefully some great weather, May half-term in Northumberland National Park will be an unforgettable experience and lots of memories will be made.

For a list of all upcoming events in Northumberland National Park, visit our what’s on section.