Farming Officer

Ema Caskie is one of the National Park’s Farming and Rural Enterprise Officers. Having grown up and worked on her family’s farm and other local farms from an early age, Ema has always maintained a keen interest in agriculture and the environment, which led to her join the team at the National Park in May 2016.

Ema Caskie Farming OfficerMost of the land within the National Park’s designation is privately owned and managed for farming and forestry. Ema’s role covers the land in the south of the National Park, including Hadrian’s Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site and The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre.

By working alongside farmers and landowners to help them source funding and deliver projects that benefit their land and their businesses, as well as the general public, our Farming and Rural Enterprise Officers can help to conserve and enhance the special qualities of our National Park.

A big part of Ema’s role also encompasses working alongside partner organisations, communities and individuals who live and operate within the National Park to help them deliver innovative and enterprising solutions to problems that living in a remote location can present.

Ema has recently been working on the development of a natural flood management project, which if successful, could lead to the creation of a National Flood Demonstration site in Northumberland as well as a number of Countryside Stewardship applications on behalf of farmers within Northumberland National Park.

When asked what the best part of her job is, Ema said: “I love being outdoors in the National Park. I am particularly keen on livestock farming. My husband Callum and I live and work on a hill farm in the Coquet Valley.

“It is great to meet the farmers and landowners and see their farms and livestock.  I like to be able to help and advise people and encourage them to open up their ideas and thoughts. I particularly like being able to see those ideas develop for everyone’s benefit.”

To contact our Farming and Rural Enterprise Team:

Ema Caskie, Farming and Rural Enterprise Officer (South of The Park)


Tel: 01669 622066

Mob: 07787 424287

Mary Gough, Farm and Rural Enterprise Officer (North of The Park)


Tel: 01669 622070

Mob: 07766 904619