Exploring the park

Come to the land of the far horizons for breathtaking landscape, intriguing history and a warm welcome in England’s most tranquil corner. We have more than 400 square miles of scenery in which to escape from the everyday.

The iconic ridge of the Whin Sill with Hadrian’s Wall striding along its crest stretches along our southern boundary. To the west lies the beguiling valley of North Tyne with hay meadows and waterfalls. It neighbours the wild valley of Redesdale, site of ancient battles and defiant moorland.

In our centre is Coquetdale, with the landmark Simonside Hills and the beautiful villages of Harbottle and Holystone. To the north towards the border with Scotland, the landscape changes again. Here are the rolling moors and grasslands of the Cheviot Hills, with their ancient hillforts and pristine rivers.


NNPA Chief Executive Tony Gates

Tony Gates

Chief Executive of NNPA

Northumberland National Park is an exceptional place, and we want everyone who visits the Park to have a truly exceptional experience and be inspired by what they see.