Lovely village boasting an historic well

This is a tiny stone-built village. Forest walks include the Holystone Burn Reserve, which starts at the car park are only a short distance out of the village.

In the early 12th century Holystone became the home of a priory of Augustinian Canonesses. The priory buildings were demolished during the reformation in 1541.

Lady's Well

Lady’s Well is an atmospheric little pool surrounded by a grove of trees. There are rumours that it was originally associated with the Anglo-Saxon Saint Ninian.

Legend has it the saint baptised many early Christians in its holy water. In Medieval times, it was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The powerful spring that feeds the pool is the source of Holystone village’s water supply. A stone cross, placed in its centre during Victorian times, adds to its mystery.

Lady's Well in Holystone

Getting there

By car

From the A1, follow the A696, then the B6341, following the signs for Holystone. Lady’s Well is a short walk north west of the village.