Transporting you back to prehistory

Be transported back to prehistory by the hillforts, burial mounds and intriguing rock carvings our ancestors left behind.

Wander around the impressive remains of an Iron Age hillfort built 2,000 years ago. You can still see the double ramparts and the impressions of round houses on the ground.

Rock Art

The most intriguing feature is the cup shapes and grooves carved into the rock more than 5,000 years ago.

Why did our ancestors make their mark here? The mystery has yet to be solved but while you ponder, take in some amazing views from this great spot.

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Stan Beckensall

Stan Beckensall


The wild and rugged landscape of Northumberland National Park is actually a landscape which has been shaped by people over thousands of years. It is abundant with evidence for prehistoric people, with sites of habitation, hunting, farming, burial and ceremonial. It is a landscape where I have lived and worked for many years, and feel a deep connection with it.