Nestling in the ruins of a Roman outpost

High Rochester is a small hamlet in the upper reaches of Redesdale nestles within the ruined ramparts of a Roman outpost.

There are also two bastles still used as dwellings in High Rochester, and a couple of ruined cottages of uncertain date, as well as farm buildings and holiday cottages.

The Camien Café is in Rochester on A68. This famous last café in England opens Tuesday to Sunday. This small family-owned business offers home cooked food as well as hosting the local Post Office. There is a wide selection of tourist information including the Otterburn range firing times.

Bremenium Roman Fort

The Roman fort of Bremenium’s name means “the place on the roaring stream”. It was the most important outpost north of Hadrian’s Wall. It could warn of attacks from the north.

It also guarded the Dere Street, the Roman’s easterly route into Scotland, and a road running east to the Devil’s Causeway. As well as garrisoned soldiers, there were also scouts known as ‘explorates’.

The Bremenium in High Rochester

Originally, there would have been earth and turf ramparts, a wooden fort and an outer ditch. The fort was rebuilt in stone later. From the west gate, you can see the larger outline of a large temporary camp on the far side of the Sills Burn.

Getting there

By car

From the A1, follow the A696 to High Rochester.