Beauty and the battlefield meet

This remote area is the wild heart of the National Park. Covering nearly a quarter of Northumberland National Park, it is a wildlife lover’s paradise.

Moorland birds, such as curlew and skylark, as well as ravens and wild goats, flourish here with so few humans around. This is because Otterburn Ranges has been owned since 1911 by the Ministry of Defence.

Twenty-three percent of Northumberland National Park (stretching from the A68 to Upper Coquetdale) is owned by the Ministry of Defence and used as a military training area. It is the shared aim of the Northumberland National Park and the MoD to encourage as much access to the area as possible.

Download our Access Guide for more information – Otterburn Ranges Access Guide.

For more detailed information download the – Access Area Guidelines

Otterburn Ranges access information

Useful information about access and safety in the Otterburn Ranges.

Firing Times

The dates and times when Otterburn and/or Redesdale ranges are being used for live firing can be found on the MOD website.

Public Access

Public access is governed by the Otterburn Ranges Byelaws.

Outside the firing times, and when NO RED flags or Lamps are displayed, public access to the ranges is permitted on specified TARMAC ROADS, the PUBLIC FOOTPATHS and BRIDLEWAYS.

Access Guide

Otterburn Ranges and Northumberland National Park Authority publishes an Access Guide. The Otterburn Ranges Access Guide shows the areas which are open to the public, both during and after firing.

This guide is available from National Park Visitor Centres, Information Points, Libraries, Tourist Information Centres, local shops and hostelries.

Dry Training

Be aware that outside published firing times military units will be training, using only blank ammunition and pyrotechnics.

Safety Guidelines

  • When military exercises are happening, red flags around the boundaries indicate restricted access.
  • Do not pick up, kick or remove any object.
  • Do not stray off the public rights of way or tarmac roads.
  • There is no guarantee that roads and tracks will be salted or cleared of snow in bad weather.

If you are in any doubt about where you can go, please contact the Range Liaison Officer by phoning 0191 239 4201/0191 239 4227.

Cycling in the Otterburn Ranges

On Sunday 16th April the Modrocker came to the Otterburn Ranges in Northumberland National Park.

Permission was given to event organisers Pedalling Squares and High Fell Events by the Ministry of Defence for a cross ranges ride that also cut above Elsdon, Hepple, Rothbury and Holystone.