Set on the banks of the River Rede

This small village lies on the banks of the River Rede, near to where it joins Otter Burn. It’s a great base to explore the beautiful Redesdale valley.

Otter footprints can sometimes be spotted in the mud of riverbanks. It’s a great spot to refuel after exploring the Otterburn Ranges.

You’ll find a selection of pubs,  restaurants, accommodation and shops, including Otterburn Mill. Here you can catch a glimpse into the weaving trade that used to thrive here. See the mill workings and a collection of archive materials. For more, click here.

Percy Cross

This monument, also known as Battle Stone, lies just north-west of Otterburn. It commemorates the Battle of Otterburn in 1388 and is named after the Percys of Northumberland who lost against their arch enemies, the Douglases of Scotland.

The English army suffered a bloody defeat by the Scots, with over a thousand English soldiers killed and their leader Sir Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy held for ransom.

You can walk up here from Otterburn to see the site of an iron age hill fort. It was also the winning position of the Earl of Douglas against Harry ‘Hotspur’ Percy in the Battle of Otterburn (1388). For those of a more mythical turn of mind, the Fairy Queen Mab is supposed to reside here.

Percy Cross memorial in Otterburn

Getting there

By car

From the A1, follow the A696 to Otterburn.