Submitting an application to the National Park

We strongly recommend you obtain planning advice before submitting a planning application. To find out more please visit the ‘Do I Need Planning Permission’ section of our website here.

Northumberland National Park Authority is the statutory Local Planning Authority for the area of Northumberland National Park. If you live in the National Park this means that any planning application or pre-application enquiry relating to your property must be submitted to us, rather than to Northumberland County Council.

Other matters such as Building Control, Highways and Environmental Health are the responsibility of Northumberland County Council, within whose boundaries the National Park is located. Contact details for Northumberland County Council can be found online here.

Can I speak to a Planning Officer?

This is not a service we currently offer. Calls to the Planning team are usually covered by our admin team who are unable to offer any planning advice, even what may appear to be a quick question can be often be complex. Most queries require further information and take time to research in order give an accurate and informed answer. This is why the only way to obtain advice from a Planning Officer on whether or not your development may require permission or is likely to be approved is to use our pre-application service. There are options from a basic yes/no (do I need permission) written answer for £50, to a detailed written response from a planning officer from £100 depending upon the scale of your proposals.

If the target date for your planning application or pre-application enquiry has not yet passed please allow the planning officer this time to focus on deciding your application. You can track your application and view comments or consultation responses we have received on our online planning register.

If officers are answering regular phone calls it takes them away from dealing with their workload. However, if you feel it is necessary to contact them please email

Please include any site address and reference number in your correspondence. Officers will aim to respond to emails sent to within five working days.  Where it is clear at the outset that an extended period will be necessary to respond or further information is needed, the Officer will advise.