Guide to Planning Fees

Your application must be accompanied by the correct fee.

Fees may be payable for the following applications:

  • Applications for the approval of reserved matters following an outline planning permission
  • Applications to vary or remove conditions on planning permissions
  • Applications for advertisement consent
  • Applications for certificates of lawful development
  • Applications for prior approval under the General Permitted Development Order
  • Application for non-material amendment

Examples of the fees payable are given here, however, this is only a guide and cannot be comprehensive.

If after looking at the full guide to fees for Planning Applications in England (PDF) you are still unsure what fee is required, the Planning Technician or Planning Officer will be able to help please telephone 01434 611545

Calculation of fees

Measurements of the site area or floor space to which an application relates are always based on external dimensions. You must always round up where units of measurement are not exact multiples of the fee categories. If the application is for a new building to replace a building that is to be demolished, there is no discount for the size of the existing building. The fee would be based on the floor space of the proposed building.

Payment of fees

The fee due must be paid when the application is deposited.

No decision can be made on an application for which the correct fee has not been paid.

The Authority has NO discretion to vary fees.

Payments by Credit Card or Debit Card can only be accepted if the application is made online via the Planning Portal. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to Northumberland National Park Authority.

Payment of planning fees by BACS is the preferred payment option. Please email the planning team for the Authority’s banking details.

It is ESSENTIAL that you provide a reference so that the fee can be identified as relating to your application. Reference should start with PLNG and relevant site address eg. For a planning application at Eastburn – PLNGEASTBURN.

Please email as soon as you have made the payment to ensure the payment is identified. There is no VAT on planning fees.

Refund of fees

Fees can only be refunded if:

  • paid in respect of development for which permission or consent is not required and the local planning authority decline to determine the application
  • more than the correct fee was paid; or
  • the application is invalid.

No refund can be made where an application is withdrawn.

Fee Categories

A full guide to fees for Planning Applications in England (PDF) can be found on the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal also provides an online Fee Calculator.

For your convenience, please see below a summary of fees for our most frequently used application types. Note, specific fees may vary depending on circumstance.


Fees for frequently used application types



Householder applications – alterations / extensions to existing dwelling house.

£258 when relating to one dwelling house.

£509 when relating to 2 or more dwelling houses.

Creation of new dwellings – full applications for the erection of new dwelling houses (other than the enlargement, improvement or other alteration of existing dwelling houses).

£578 for each dwelling house, where the number of dwelling houses to be created is 50 or fewer.

Change of use from a previous use as a single dwelling house to use as two or more single dwelling houses.

£578 for each additional dwelling house, where the change of use is to 50 or fewer dwelling houses.

Variation of a condition of a previous permission


Discharge of a condition of a previous permission – Householder application


Discharge of a condition of a previous permission – Other application


Application for a Non-material Amendment – Householder application


Application for a Non-material Amendment – Other application


Applications for prior approval – determination of whether prior approval is necessary for Agricultural and Forestry buildings and operations or demolition of buildings