Lawful Development Certificate

Lawful Development Certificate – Existing Use / Operation / Activity Checklist

This checklist refers to applications for Lawful Development Certificates in respect of an existing use, operation or activity, including those in breach of a planning condition.

You can read National Guidance Notes relating to this Checklist here.

National Requirements

All submitted plans must incorporate a drawing number and title.

Links to Required Documents

Document Description

Application Form

Required in all cases.

Location Plan

Required in all cases.


Exemptions or concessions may apply in some cases.

Local Requirements

The following items form part of the Northumberland National Park Authority Local Validation List and may be required as described in the detailed notes which can be accessed using the hyperlinks in the table.

Links to Required Local Documents

Document Description

Site Plan

Required in most cases.

Existing and Proposed Elevations

Required in most cases.

Existing and Proposed Floor Plans

May be required.

Existing and Proposed Site Sections and Site Levels

May be required where relevant.

Roof Plans

May be required where relevant.

Planning Statement

In all cases to set out the reasoning why the Certificate is being sought and provide evidence.