Plan Preparation

Northumberland National Park Authority has recently undertaken a review of the Local Plan. It was adopted on the 15th July 2020. In line with Regs. 26 and 35 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, NNPA have made the following documents available:

Hard copies can be inspected at NNPA HQ in Hexham – please see the Adoption Statement for details.

There are no further opportunities to consult on the Local Plan. However, as detailed in the Adoption Statement, an application can be made to the High Court on the grounds that the document is not within the appropriate power of the Authority and/or a procedural requirement has not been complied with. This can be made no later than six weeks from the date of adoption (15th July).


Over the past three years we have engaged with residents, businesses, organisations and stakeholders. We have received positive and constructive comments which have helped us understand how our local communities see the National Park developing in the future.

Under Regulation 22 of the Town and Country Planning Act 2012, we are required to publish a Consultation Statement summarising the representations made and how these were taken into account in plan-making.

For each round of consultation, the consulted document and Feedback Report can be found below.

Consultation Documents

Issues Paper

This was the first formal consultation stage held over 8 weeks from 27th February 2017 to 28th April 2017:

Issues Paper Consultation Draft
Issues Paper Consultation Feedback Report

Policy Options

The second stage of formal consultation was held over 8 weeks from 16th October 2017 to 11th December 2017:

Policy Options Paper
Policy Options Consultation Feedback Report

Preferred Options

The third stage of formal consultation was held over 8 weeks from 30th July 2018 to 24th September 2018:

Preferred Options Draft Plan
Preferred Options Consultation Feedback Report

Publication Draft

The final stage of formal consultation was held over 6 weeks from 31st May 2019 to 12th July 2019:

Publication Draft Local Plan
Publication Draft Consultation Feedback Report

Main Modifications

Consultation on the Main Modifications, proposed by the Inspector to make the Plan sound, were consulted on over 7 weeks between 17th March 2020 and 5th May 2020.

NNPA-002c Schedule of Main Modifications
NNPA-001b Tracked Modifications Local Plan
A further Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Assessment were prepared to take account of the Main Modifications.

Comments in response to this consultation can be seen on the Examination page. The Inspector’s report will be published in due course.



The evidence base below was used in the preparation of the Local Plan. These documents were used to ensure the new plan is underpinned by relevant and up-to-date evidence.

Please note this is different from the Examination Library which is submitted for examination with the final draft.

Evidence Documents


Community Facilities and Infrastructure

NNPA Infrastructure Plan 2017Identifies future strategic and community infrastructure needed to deliver the Local Plan.

Environmental Reports

Housing and Employment

Minerals and Waste

Monitoring and Engagement

Natural Environment