Booking Terms, Refunds and Cancellations Policy

All participants must abide by instructions issued by event leaders, including health and safety instructions. Anyone failing to abide by these instructions may be asked to leave the event if, in the opinion of the event leaders, their actions could jeopardise themselves or anyone in the group.

If anyone leaves an event before the finish Northumberland National Park’s duty of care will cease at that point.

Although all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the safety of people participating in our events, individuals do so at their own risk.  Our event leaders are trained and assessed to guide participants safely.  However, participants need to be aware that there may be risks involved in our activities.

Northumberland National Park reserves the right to exclude participants if they are deemed by event leaders not to be adequately equipped or prepared. Please check event details, which will state if specific equipment is advised or essential (particularly in relation to footwear and clothing). Participants should also ensure they bring food and drink, where advised, to cover the type and duration of the event.

Northumberland National Park reserves the right to alter or cancel an event if it is not safe to proceed (in the event of extreme weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances).

Northumberland National Park accepts no responsibility for personal property which may be lost or damaged during the event.

By attending the event participants accept that they will declare, in confidence, to the event leader any relevant medical information which Northumberland National Park needs to be made aware of.

Age restrictions may apply.  Children under the age of 8 must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Please check event details for guidance.

Dogs on leads may be permitted on certain events – please check individual event details.

It is the responsibility of participants to be on time for events as Northumberland National Park cannot delay start/leaving times – this is particularly important on walks and any events which include transport.

Official photographs may be taken at events and participants must inform us if they do not wish these to be used in publicity. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

Cancellation by participants – No refunds will be given – currently Northumberland National Park offer a transfer to another event.  This must be requested by participants at least 48 hours prior to the event they want to cancel. Participants can only transfer to another event once; if they cannot attend the event transferred to, participants will forfeit the money paid.  If the event transferred to is a higher price than the original event, the participant must pay the difference.  If the event is a lower price, no refund of the difference will be given.  Please note that the booking system is manned only during normal office hours which are generally between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

Cancellation by Northumberland National Park – if Northumberland National Park need to cancel the event they will inform participants of this via email or telephone and offer either a refund or a transfer to another event.

Where third party delivery is involved, additional terms and conditions may apply.

Northumberland National Park complies with the Freedom of Information Act, for details please see our website

Personal details provided by customers will be held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (Northumberland National Park will only use participant’s personal details in connection with the participant’s booking and will keep your personal details secure in accordance with our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulations). Participant information will not be shared with third parties and will be deleted 12 months after the event has taken place.

Payment for our events is processed via TicketSource Please see TicketSource’s Terms and Conditions and their Privacy Notice relating to the financial transaction.

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