Safety advice following Storm Arwen

With Storm Barra forecast for Northumberland on Tuesday 7 December 2021 and the Met Office putting a yellow warning in place for both wind and snow, Northumberland National Park Authority would like to discourage visits to the National Park on Tuesday 7 December and until Storm Barra has passed.

Across the County, resources are currently stretched as authorities and emergency agencies continue to respond to issues across the community following Storm Arwen and the subsequent heavy snowfall. Our teams are still inspecting damage and making safe rights of way, but there is still much more to do.

If you are planning to visit the National Park this week we would kindly ask you consider delaying your visit until later in the week.

Following Storm Arwen, some of the rights of way within the National Park may have sections which are temporarily closed or unsafe for visitors at this time. Northumberland National Park staff and our partners are working hard to assess and make safe the path network within the National Park. With over 1,000 kilometres of path in the National Park, we are assessing and prioritising work which needs to be done to clear debris and fallen trees but this will take some time.

Forestry England have to date highlighted the following walking routes as unsafe:

The Simonside Hills
Simonside Family Walk
The Drake Stone and Harbottle
Copper Snout and Clennell Street
Elsdon into Harwood

The Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail also has a section which is currently closed due to a large number of fallen trees. The path between Milecastle 38 and 39 has been diverted onto the lower path. Access to Linhope Spout is also affected as the path is unsafe and there are a number of fallen trees.

Given the extensive path network and challenging conditions in remote areas, the safety of staff and visitors is our main priority. There is a risk that damaged trees can fall with little or no warning. Please stay away from woodland areas at this time and follow Northumberland National Park Authority on social media for updates.

If visitors or the local community would like to report an issue on a right of way within the National Park, please contact

Thank you for your cooperation.