Take a Virtual Tour

Back in April 2015 we became the first UK National Park to work alongside Google on their Trekker project. Over two weeks staff and volunteers worked to capture images of some of Northumberland’s most iconic spots; including Hadrian’s Wall, the Pennine Way and many more for inclusion in Google Streetview.

Our work is available as interactive 360° imagery that allows you to go on a self-guided tour of the landscape. This fabulous resource is freely available online for everyone to enjoy.

In November 2015 Laurian Clemence at Google UK, said ‘We are delighted to have worked with the Northumberland National Park to bring Hadrian’s Wall and the surrounding rich, historical landscape to Street View. Now anyone can view this key part of our heritage using Google Maps, from the comfort of their homes or on the move.’

As we continue to bring the OutdoorsIndoors, explore our Google content for a whistle-stop, stay at home tour of Northumberland National Park.  Check out our examples, move the images below to explore in 360° and then use Google Streetview to find your own favourite place.


Transport yourself back to prehistory and visit hill forts, burial mounds and intriguing rock carvings our ancestors left behind. All in the shadow of the imposing Simonside Ridge.

Cup and Ring marked rock on Lordenshaws near Rothbury, Northumberland, England

Cup and Ring marked rock on Lordenshaws near Rothbury, Northumberland, England

Visit Lordenshaws on Google Streetview here.

The Pennine Way & Border Ridge

It’s not often you get to walk along the border of two countries. Here England and Scotland join along an impressive high route with panoramic views.

Walkers on the Border Ridge

Visit The Pennine Way & Border Ridge on Google Streetview here.

Otterburn Ranges

Beauty and the battlefield meet on this remote area which covers nearly a quarter of Northumberland National Park.

A view of the Otterburn Ranges

Visit the Otterburn Ranges on Google Streetview here.

Hareshaw Linn

Explore an ancient woodland and a beautiful nine-metre high waterfall.

Hareshaw Linn waterfall in the Northumberland National Park

Visit Hareshaw Linn on Google Streetview here.

The Cheviot

Let your fingers doing the walking up The Cheviot is the highest point in the Northumberland National Park.

The trig point on the summit of The Cheviot

Visit The Cheviot on Google Streetview here.

Walltown Crags

Take a virtual visit to one of the best preserved sections of Hadrian’s Wall

Walltown crags from the air

Visit Walltown Crags on Google Streetview here.

Brough Law

Take a hillfort tour of the Breamish Valley from the comfort of your own home; starting at Brough Law.

Brough Law hillfort

Visit Brough Law on Google Streetview here.

Sycamore Gap

The most photographed spot in the whole of Northumberland National Park. Here, a sycamore tree grows in a dramatic dip with Hadrian’s Wall rising up either side.

A group of walker at Sycamore Gap on Hadrian's Wall

Visit Sycamore Gap on Google Streetview here.