Hadrian's Wall by eBike

It’s amazing what you can do in 90 minutes! Not only do you get the chance to patrol the northern frontier of the Roman Empire on an electric Mountain Bike with a National Park Ranger, but you’ll travel along the most iconic section of the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, including so-called’ bandit country’ north of the Wall, where Romans dared to march! As you traverse this ancient landscape along quiet country lanes and byways, you’ll hear about the area’s turbulent past, and how in more peaceful times, sheep farming, forestry continues to shape the land today.

The best thing about choosing to ride an eBike is that it takes the ‘pain out of the strain’, allowing you to take in the wonderful views, without gasping for breath and wishing you had chosen the luxury coach tour instead. Honestly, you’ll feel great and totally immersed in the landscape around you. This isn’t a race, and there’ll be time to stop at a number of viewpoints to hear from the Ranger their personal insight into the working life and lives of those who work and look after this protected landscape, as well as taking those instagammable photos of course!

Four people riding electric bikes near Hadrian's Wall

You don’t need to be Bradley Wiggins to ride an eBike, all you need to do is book your place and turn up at the Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre on the day (with some waterproofs, just in case the weather changes). You’ll be met by the Ranger and your eBike will be adjusted to suit you. Helmets and glasses will be provided and a short introduction to using the eBike controls together with a test ride around the car park will take place before you set off.

The route first takes you south towards Vindolanda, where you’ll look across the Tyne valley towards the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, before riding along an ancient byway through farmland and turning north towards the Wall! The pace will be gentle; after all, this is your holiday, not a work-out.

At Caw Gap, you will see a cross-section of Hadrian’s Wall. Marvel at its location on the 300 million-year-old Whin Sill, a natural crag offering outstanding views westwards across to the Scottish border. This is an area known as the ‘debatable lands’ in the turbulent medieval period of the infamous Reiver raiding parties that terrorised this region.

After a more peaceful ride eastwards, with only the sounds of the Curlew and the larks ascending, you’ll eventually ride up on to Steel Rigg with its famous view of Hadrian’s Wall and Crag Lough beyond. This is definitely the location to take that photo-to-post before you freewheel back to The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre for a well-earned cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the Once Brewed Café.

Ebike riding near Hadrian's Wall

You may also take the opportunity to look around the exhibitions and buy that special gift from our shop, and hopefully return soon for another National Park experience.

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