Discover our Dark Skies

If you keep away from street lighting, you should get a good view of the stars on a clear night. However, there are a number of locations that have been recognised as Dark Sky Discovery Sites, places to stargaze, which are:

  • Away from the worst of any local light pollution
  • Provide good sightlines of the sky
  • Have good public access, including firm ground for wheelchairs. The sites are generally freely accessible at all times.

These sites are easy to find. Some of them have star maps in place to help you to find key stars and constellations. A number of them have 24-hour toilets and there are places to eat and stay close to many of them. A number of Dark Sky Discovery Sites host public events throughout the year.

Star Entertainment

There are some truly outstanding venues in Northumberland that host stargazing experiences throughout the year:

Kielder Observatory

Open all year round, Kielder Observatory is located in the heart of Northumberland International Dark Sky Park.

Kielder Observatory is situated in the largest gold-tier dark sky park in Europe, thanks to minimal light pollution. They run events all year round for people from all backgrounds; winter nights are darkest and best for viewing deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebulae, while in summer you can view star clusters, shooting stars and the moon and the sun’s surface.

Kielder Observatory

To find out more information visit the Kielder Observatory website:

Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory

The Battlesteads Dark Sky Observatory is an accessible, public astronomical observatory. It offers talks, activities, drop-in sessions, stargazing and Astro courses to suit anyone from the absolute beginner to the professional.

Battlesteads observatory

To find out more information visit the Battlesteads Observatory website:

Twice Brewed Stargazing 

Experience the incredible starry skies above Northumberland with astronomers from the Stargazing team at the Twice Brewed Inn. Located within the protected Dark Sky park, the venue benefits from minimal light pollution, meaning you’ll have a clear view of the Milky Way arching across the sky and see thousands more stars than can normally be spotted from our towns and cities.

Stargazing at Twice Brewed Inn

To find out more information visit the Twice Brewed Inn website:

The Redesdale Arms

The Redesdale Arms has been awarded “Dark Sky Stay and Gaze” by Northumberland Tourism, acknowledging the facilities on offer to allow guests to observe the night skies in Redesdale.

The Redesdale Arms public house and hotel

To find out more visit The Redesdale Arms website:

Stonehaugh Astronomy

Stonehaugh Astronomy is located in the largest expanse of protected dark sky in the whole of Europe. Stonehaugh Astronomy will fuel your desire to learn, by introducing you to the universe and all that it holds.

Stonehaugh Astronomy dark skies stargazing

Find out more and discover upcoming events here: