Trip to the Seaside

A guided leisure ride from Wooler to Bamburgh and back along quiet roads, perfect for exploring places of interest.

Local Facilities: Toilets:  Public toilets are at Wooler (at the bus station) and Bamburgh (opposite the village green).  Toilets at pubs and cafes are generally for customers only.

Start & Finish: Wooler Milk Bar & Cafe in Wooler
Route – Moderate with some strenuous climbs
Distance – 32 miles
Type of Bike – Mountain / Hybrid
Time – 4 hours

Cycle Route

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Route Description

The ride goes to Bamburgh by the most direct route from Wooler.  It makes its way past Weetwood Bridge and Fowberry Tower to Lyham Bank.  Then it’s a strenuous climb up to the top of this mile-long bank to the Bowden Doors sandstone crag (popular with rock climbers). The area is perfect for enjoying one of the best panorama of the Cheviots available. What goes up must come down!  So continuing the ride, after a mile or so of undulations the route reaches the exhilarating descent into Belford giving us glorious views of Holy Island, Lindisfarne Castle, and Bamburgh Castle on the way down.

At Belford the route takes the northern crossing of the A1 and follows the lovely undulating road to Budle Bay nature reserve and then on to Bamburgh where you could stop for e for lunch (pubs, shops, cafes) and a stroll on Northumberland’s best  beach, or just sit beside the pristine cricket green being overwhelmed by the massive majesty of Bamburgh Castle.

The return route runs to the south of, and more or less parallel to, the incoming route taking us to the southern crossing of the A1 at Belford.  It then makes for Chatton (avoiding the climb to Lyham Bank from the other side) making a thrilling descent from Chattonpark Hill to the old Chatton Bridge and into Chatton village.  The final leg is along the B6438 back into Wooler.

This route was created by Kevin Malloy of Wooler Cycle Hub.