A family friendly gentle circular walk with panoramic views

Enjoy a circular walk suitable for most abilities, with fantastic views over Elsdon on the return leg. Enjoy a cuppa or a pint after building up a thirst and seeing the sights of this scenic Northumberland village. For the adventurous amongst you, why not pair this walk with our Elsdon Burn Walk.

Download our Elsdon and the Todholes Walk guide.

Grade: Easy
Distance: 2.5 miles (4km)
Time: Allow 1 hour 30 mins
Map: O.S. Explorer OL43

Walk route

Route description

Directions for the walk

A. Through the gate and up the tarmac road

From the car park take the route signed Landshot/Whiskershiel/Eastnook/Hudspeth through the metal gate and up the tarmac road.

B. Continue on along the tarmac road past the farmhouse

At the junction follow the sign to Landshot, and continue on along the tarmac road past the farmhouse and shepherd’s cottage to your left.

The earliest reference to Landshot is in a 1528 document, when it was farmed by Robert Hedley and his sons, John and William. At that time a system called ‘gavelkind’ was in operation; when a man became too old to farm he divided the farm between his sons. In this way farms became smaller.

C. Follow the path signed East Todholes

Immediately before the third cattle grid turn right and follow the path signed East Todholes. Go over the sleeper bridge, through the wicket gate and follow the path round to the wall. On reaching the wall turn right and make your way up to the gap in the fence, keeping the wall on your left. Once through the gap continue following the wall to the end of the field.

Dry stone walls are important for several reasons. They provide shelter for livestock and are a linear nature reserve for many wild creatures and plants. Nooks and crannies between the stones offer hideaways and homes for insects and small mammals, while birds nest in them. Lichens, mosses, ferns and many attractive plants colonise stone walls.

D. Continue up through the field

Cross the ladder stile in the corner over the wall and continue up through this field, heading for the telegraph pole to the right of the big shed. On reaching the telegraph pole at the corner of the garden wall, continue to the ladder stile ahead, keeping the wall on your left.

E. Carry on along this track till the main road

Once over the ladder stile turn right onto the farm track, carry on along this track past West Todholes until you reach the main road.

F. Turn right, signed Elsdon

At the main road turn right, signed Elsdon, cross the step stile and bear left across the field to the fence. On reaching the fence continue down to the next step stile, once over the stile carry on down to the bottom of this field.

During the summer months take care through this field as it is an important hay field.

G. Head over the smaller bridge on to the footbridge

Cross the third step stile and turn right down to the sleeper bridge, turn left once over the bridge and follow the path round to the smaller bridge. Once over this smaller bridge make your way to the footbridge next to the sewage works.

H. Turn right and follow the road back to the car park

On crossing this bridge turn right through the metal gate, and continue ahead between the houses. At the pinfold turn right and follow the road back to the car park.