Upper Coquetdale Walking Week 2022

Upper Coquetdale Walking Week has been announced for June 2022, where visitors can enjoy a week of guided walks in the beautiful landscapes of Coquetdale here in Northumberland National Park.

Known as being physically and historically one of the wildest parts of England, Upper Coquetdale steals the hearts of many visitors with its breath-taking views and rolling hills.

From Sunday 12th June to Saturday 18th June, Northumberland National Park’s volunteer walk leaders are hosting a week-long programme of walks in Upper Coquetdale, with routes varying from moderate 6.5-mile walks to more strenuous 13-mile hikes.

All walks are available to book via our What’s On page, and you’ll see them listed below. Tickets range from £5 to £15 depending on the walk, and all walks start at 10:30am.

Ann Logan, organiser of the Upper Coquetdale Walking Week and volunteer walk leader for Northumberland National Park shares some information about what you can expect:

More information

What is the Upper Coquetdale Walking Week?

This is an opportunity to explore and gain greater familiarity with the walking routes in Upper Coquetdale between Alwinton and up to (and over) the Border, by seven consecutive days of guided walking beginning on Sunday 12th June. 


Why is the week focussed on Upper Coquetdale?

Those of us leading on this walk programme have a longstanding love of the north end of The Cheviots. We have organised three such events in the vicinity of Kirknewton (in 2012, 2014 and 2016) and one more broadly covering the north edge of The Cheviots. The Coquet is an important river draining a substantial area of the North Cheviots and goes through some stunningly beautiful landscape, especially in its higher reaches. We would like to give walkers an opportunity to explore this wonderful area of the country.  


Who is the walk week for?

The Upper Coquetdale Walking Week is for walkers who wish to explore the paths and scenery of Upper Coquetdale.  The shortest walk is 6.5 miles long, some are twice that length and some are through remote countryside.  It is important that walkers follow the requirements (waterproofs, boots, food and drink for the day, all info is available when you book via the What’s On page) and are able and willing to undertake strenuous walks.  While many of the routes use public footpaths and bridleways, some stretches are without footpaths and we cross rough ground on access land, some of which is dog restricted.  This means unfortunately the walks are not suitable for dogs to attend. 


What should people expect from these walks?

Walkers should expect vigorous exercise, stunning views, and gaining information about the area and the key features of different sites. This year will be the first time that the Northumberland National Park’s Guided Walks programme has offered an ascent of Shillhope Law which has a significant footprint in Upper Coquetdale, and ever-changing views, and we spend some time walking in Scotland on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Saturday 18th. A particular highlight is the walk from Hownam to Wedderleap on Wednesday 15th June following The Street, which is one of the ancient Border crossings.  


How many times has this been organised in the past?

This will be the first time.  It was originally planned for 2020 but had to be postponed in both 2020 and 2021.  While it is likely that some of the walks will be absorbed into the regular Guided Walks programme, at the moment this is a one-off opportunity to explore Upper Coquetdale with support and companionship.


Why should people join the walk week?   

The beauty of the Upper Coquetdale Walking Week is that you can enjoy the walk and take in the views, without having to navigate! That’s what the walk leaders are here for, to lead the way so you can truly enjoy and appreciate the surrounding landscape.


Will people learn anything on these walks?

Yes.  The walk team are all knowledgeable and experienced in different aspects of the area and share this information with walkers, as indeed do others out on the walk.  We all come back having learnt something. 

Book your tickets

The walks in the walk week programme can be booked via each link below, or visit the What’s On page for more events happening in Northumberland National Park.


Sunday 12th June:

Camp Knowe and Clennell Street Guided Walk (6.5 miles)

Looking down onto the River Alwin, with The Dodd (hill) on the right. In the back ground is the vast Kidland Forest.

Monday 13th June:

Shillhope Law and Kyloe Shin Walk (9.5 miles)

Only sheep in these hills. The view East from the path up Shillhope Law, taking in Spit Hopes and Saughy Hill with the Usway Burn meandering down the valley below.

Tuesday 14th June:

Biddlestone and Old Rookland Walk (7 miles)

The chapel began life as a Tower House for the ‘Selby Family’. It was later incorporated into a large manor house, to include a Roman Catholic chapel during the nineteenth century

Wednesday 15th June:

Hownam to Barrowburn Walk (9 miles)

‘The Street’ a well-worn ancient cross border route, still in Scotland crossing Calroust Common looking back towards the Hownam direction.

Thursday 16th June:

Woden Law – In the Footsteps of the Legion (10.5 miles)

Looking onto Woden Law, from the Roman marching camps at Pennymuir

Friday 17th June:

Windy Gyle to Davidsons Linn (11.5 miles)

the route takes us to the lovely waterfall of ‘Davidson’s Linn’.

Saturday 18th June:

Over the Border to Buchtrig (13 miles)

In the background are the hills of Broad Law and Lamb Hill with Callaw Cairn to the left.