Drone usage

The National Park is for the enjoyment of everyone including those who want to fly a drone either for pleasure or for business or commercial reasons.  Any drone use must be safe in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority regulations, not intrusive and respect the privacy of individuals and the wildlife in the National Park.


Where you stand and where the drone takes off from should be land that you have the right to be on. Please obtain permission from the landowner before your flight.

You should be registered as a FLYER on the CAA Drone & Model Aircraft Registration & Education Service:

Registering to use a drone or model aircraft | UK Civil Aviation Authority

Be fully conversant within the Drone and Model Aircraft Code:

The Drone and Model Aircraft Code | UK Civil Aviation Authority

The legal owner of the drone, aged over 18, should also be registered on the same system as an OPERATOR and the OPERATOR ID should appear on the drone as specified on the DMARES website:

Register as a drone operator | UK Civil Aviation Authority

In addition to respecting the rules of the Drone & Model Aircraft Code, the National Park requests that you do not operate your drone within 150 metres of any of the Authority’s car parks to ensure the safety of our visitors.

If you want to make a flight for business or commercial reasons, including film or documentary making, please request permission from filming@nnpa.org.uk