Drone usage

Drones are becoming increasingly popular both for commercial filming and flying as a hobby. To help guide you through the rules and regulations, please read and remember our drone safety guidelines to ensure a safe and legal flight

The use of drones in the UK is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, please visit www.caa.co.uk/uas for full details.


Obtain the landowners permission to operate your drone

Before each flight, check that your aircraft is not damaged and that all components are in working order

You must keep your aircraft in line of site at all times

You are responsible for avoiding collisions with people and objects, including aircraft

Respect the privacy of others and consider the Data Protection Act

Do not disturb livestock and wildlife; consider the Wildlife and Countryside Act with regards to nesting and protected species.

If you intend to use your unmanned aircraft for any commercial activity, you must get a ‘Permission For Aerial Work’ from the Civil Aviation Authority

Do not fly your aircraft:

  • over or within 150m of congested areas such as streets, towns and villages
  • within 50 metres of a person, vehicle, building or structure
  • over groups of people at any height