Take a leisurely walk along quiet valley roads.

This family-friendly walk is suitable for less able users/pushchairs, from Ingram along the River Breamish and past Reaveley Farm.

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Walk overview

Walk difficulty
Walk distance
2.5 miles / 4km
Walk duration
2 hours
The Cheviots
Recommended OS Map
O.S Explorer OL16
Dog friendly

Step by step route

Take the Woodland Walk

From Ingram Café take the Woodland Walk through the trees to the wicket gate at Ingram Bridge Car Park. Once through the gate turn right, crossing over the bridge. Continue down the valley road for approx 1 mile.

The tree at the entrance to the Woodland Walk is a walnut tree, and its leaves, when crushed, smell of eucalyptus. Many of the bird boxes throughout the woodland have metal plates fitted to prevent woodpeckers enlarging the holes to steal the chicks. The yellow flowering bush is called gorse, it flowers all year round and in full bloom smells of coconut – “when gorse is out of bloom, kissing is out of season”

Turn left, following the sign to Reaveley

Cross the bridge, at the road junction turn left, following sign to Reaveley.

Follow the road past Reaveley Farm

Follow the tarmac road as it bears left, and continue on passing Reaveley Cottage on the right. Carry on along this road, passing Reaveley Farm. The mature trees along the roadside are predominantly ash. They naturally lose limbs leading to large holes in the trunk which provide ideal nesting sites for numerous birds for example Barn Owls and Jackdaws.

Turn left at the junction

Immediately beyond the farm buildings turn left at the road junction, heading back towards the River Breamish.

This area is ideal for barn owls, the open ground is rich in voles and mice which forms the majority of their diet, therefore don’t just dismiss a white bird as a gull as barn owls have been seen hunting during the day.

Turn left and head back to Café

Turn right at the junction and re-trace your steps back to the Café

During the winter months (November-March) the Cafe is open every day 11am-4pm. From April to October it is open 9am-5pm every day.

Walk route

Getting there

Starting Point: Ingram Bridge Car Park

Travelling from Newcastle, follow the A1 north and turn off onto the A697 to Coldstream and Wooler. Stay on the A697 until you see the sign to Breamish Valley, just north of Powburn.

Park at Ingram Bridge Car Park and follow the Woodland Walk round to the Cafe for toilets and refreshments.