Take a magical waterfall walk to Hareshaw Linn

If you’re looking for a magical walk to do with the family during half-term, head to Bellingham to explore one of Northumberland’s hidden gems.  

This family-friendly walk will keep everyone entertained through natural wonder, history and adventure. Lace up your walking shoes, grab your backpack, and delve into the mystical Hareshaw Linn walk.  

Hareshaw Linn Walk is a captivating 3.5 mile circular trail that leads you into a lush, wooded gorge. It’s a perfect walk for families, offering a magical blend of natural beauty and a tumbling waterfall.  

Getting started 

Your adventure begins at Bellingham, a charming rural village in Northumberland. Park your car and head to the start of the trail, where you’ll find information with maps and essential details about the walk. The footpath route is easy to follow but make sure you familiarise yourself with the walk before you leave home – take a look at the Hareshaw Linn route here 

The majestic waterfall 

As you venture further along the Hareshaw Linn walk, you’ll be greeted by the soothing sounds of running water. Your destination along this walk is the magical Hareshaw Linn waterfall, which is a real sight to behold and even more so after a few days of rain! The stream, surrounded by beautiful ancient woodland, cascades into a pool at the heart of the gorge. It’s a place that will spark your imagination! 


The trail is well-maintained and relatively easy to navigate, making it suitable for all ages. There are some steeper sections and occasional muddy spots, so sturdy footwear is advisable. Rest assured, the rewards along the way are well worth the effort, especially when you start to hear the waterfall before you see it! 

Historical and natural wonders 

Hareshaw Linn isn’t just about natural beauty; it’s also a place steeping in history. Along the trail you’ll come across remnants of an old ironworks, a reminder of the area’s industrial past. This combination of history and nature offers an opportunity to engage curious mind in stories of the past and a fascinating way to show how nature can reclaim its space.  

Useful tips 

The weather can be a bit unpredictable so wear sturdy footwear and take some layers.  

Pack a picnic to enjoy at one of the picnic tables along the way.  

Keep an eye out for wildlife, as the woodland is home to a variety of birds, insects and even the occasional red squirrel.  

Make it an educational adventure by discussing the local flora, fauna and history along the way! 

Plan your visit before you leave home. Our website has lots of information to help you.